Wednesday, 25 May 2016

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So what is the Dream Jump?

The Dream Jump is basically a combination of bungee jumping, base jumping and zip lining. The patented Dream Jump, unlike the bungee, jump doesn’t involve the jumper bouncing up and down. It allows a longer free fall, similar to base jumping but without the parachute, instead you glide midair along a zip line to the landing site. If you are up for it, you also get full freedom of movement during a jump to experience different acrobatics while in free fall.
Thomas Zielinski
Thomas Zielinski making a Dream Jump
Thomas Zielinski a former high-altitude worker and founder of the latest rope jumping craze said “the patented braking system allows jumpers to land in a position similar to as if a parachute had been deployed without experiencing recoil as in Bungee Jumping.
While base jumping can take years of training, for the untrained adrenaline junkie, this is the way you can achieve 90% of the free fall experience all by yourself, i.e. without a trainer strapped to your back or holding your hand. Due to the location of the dynamic ropes Dream Jumpers can jump from tall structures side by side with Base Jumpers something not possible in a Bungee Jump.

Skydive Dubai
Jumping out of an airplane over this man-made wonder is going to spark some serious envy among your friends. Tandem skydives over the Palm Drop Zone are very popular, which is why the Skydive Dubai team recommends that you make your skydiving reservation at least one to two months in advance.
Skydive Dubai


 Flyboard® Legend is a board connected to a PWC turbine allowing the user to rise into the air, dive and jump out of the water and perform various freestyle figures. The Flyboard® Legend is connected to the PWC by a hose, (18 or 23 meters long) redirecting the water flow pressure to nozzles placed either side of the board. While managing the PWCs’ throttle, the user can reach up to 12 meters high (height varying according to the PWC power). The hydro-propulsion forces created offer a unique sensation and a total freedom of movement to the rider.